How to travel without leaving your house?

Digital wanderlust

I live a steady life, waking up at the same hour, always having scrambled eggs for breakfast, making my way to work and back and watching the same TV series in the evening. People think it’s boring. After all, there is so much to see and do outside! Well, let me disagree. Digital technologies have squeezed the entire world inside our laptops. Any day, any minute, you can make a few clicks and find yourself in the streets of Montreal or at the beaches of Thailand – without buying a plane ticket! Of course, it won’t be the same as spending a vacation there, but at least you’ll get a certain idea about all those marvelous and find out how they look like. Admit it, visiting all countries in the world is simply impossible – if you do it the old way. But Google can take you anywhere in the blink of an eye! There is only one thing I enjoy more than viewing photos of faraway lands – and it is viewing paintings of faraway lands…


New places, new images


It’s so nice to dip your eyes into a well-painted cityscape and take a walk down an unknown street… Especially if you have such an amazing guide as Leonid Afremov! Ever since I ran across his paintings in the web, I can’t take my eyes off them. This artist is famous for his incredible cityscapes. He travels all over the world and paints different places some of them are well-known, some not quite so. But all of them are amazingly beautiful 🙂 I suggest you, too, take a look at his modern abstract art following this link. This is my favorite painting by Leonid Afremov and I’ll try to explain why:


  • The first thing you notice is wonderful bright colors that immediately raise your mood. I’m not sure all the streets, parks and buildings in Mr. Afremov’s paintings are shown in real palette and proportions, but they look amazing!
  • His style is quite unusual. He paints in broad, thick strokes of contrasting colors. Together, they create the effect of vagueness and you seem to look at everything through a dreamy haze. At the same time, some details are outlined very carefully adding a necessary amount of realism to the scene. It’s a rather interesting mix of impressionist and abstract elements.
  • And now my favorite point 🙂 Although the main focus of the artist is the scenery, you will hardly find an empty street in his pictures. Almost everyone, there are a couple of silhouettes that make the painting alive. You understand that you’re not alone!


I’m not a professional artist, but I can definitely tell Leonid Afremov paints some of the best canvases I ever saw. I’m sure you’ll love his modern abstract wall art the very moment you see it! Can’t wait to read your comments!






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